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Don’t appoint Paul Dacre as chair of Ofcom

To: Nadine Dorries, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister
What: Don’t appoint Paul Dacre as chair of Ofcom 

The Government is desperate to make ex-Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre chair of Ofcom even though an interview panel have deemed him “not appointable.” 

They are re-running the whole recruitment process with a different interview panel and a new job description - and Dacre is allowed to apply again despite flunking the interview the first time round.

Ofcom is responsible for regulating TV and radio, including the BBC. What happens to independence of the regulator if the Government is allowed to parachute Dacre in through a rigged process?

Add your name to the petition if you agree Paul Dacre has no business being the chair of Ofcom.


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