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Stop dumping raw sewage in our rivers

To: CEO of United Utilities

Take responsibility for dumping sewage in our rivers and waterways: scrap your plan to block legal routes for accountability.

Profit-hungry water companies have been dumping raw sewage in our rivers and waterways for years. 

And, in case you thought things couldn’t get worse, a huge water company, United Utilities, wants to scrap one of the only ways to hold them to account. They quietly secured a Court declaration to stop claims against them for dumping raw sewage. 

United Utilities focused on a shipping canal in Manchester. But if we don’t push back and reverse their plans in Manchester, it could spell disaster for our ability to hold water companies to account all over the country. Good Law Project is taking part in the legal appeal to try and overturn the Court’s decision. But we need to keep the pressure up on United Utilities ahead of that appeal. 

Sewage dumping has been all over the news recently. The bosses at United Utilities will be sitting back and hoping the storm will blow over. The last thing they’ll want is a huge public furore over their latest attempts to avoid accountability.

Together, we can show United Utilities -  and all the other water companies - that the public won’t let them get away scot free with dumping sewage in our rivers and waterways.

Will you sign the petition and demand that United Utilities drop its plan to avoid accountability?



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