Ofgem must take action on fuel poverty

Ofgem must take action on fuel poverty

“I'm disabled and mum is my full-time carer…. We have no way to absorb more price rises. I'm honestly stressed, trapped and terrified.” Mica, north-east England

People up and down the country are struggling to pay their energy bills, and this dire situation is set to get worse. Some 6.3 million households are currently in fuel poverty and it is expected that this will rise to a whopping 8.5 million by the end of this year. 

Ofgem's purpose is to protect our interests as consumers. We don’t believe it is doing all it can to safeguard you and I - and we are especially worried about a breach of its duty to poorer and vulnerable consumers. Ofgem has a special responsibility to shield them from unaffordable price rises. 

We are approaching a moment of genuine crisis. We do not think Ofgem is dealing with the scale of the challenge. Please join us in demanding that Ofgem do more at a time when energy companies are enjoying the biggest profits ever. 

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Update 16th August: We have written to Ofgem asking them to use their powers to instruct energy companies to introduce a 'social tariff' and to commit to carrying out proper impact assessments on the cap increases. We believe that there is more than can be done to protect the most vulnerable in our society, and that Ofgem can and should act now.