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PCR tests - letter template

  • We would suggest sending this letter as an attachment to an email. The email subject line should include the order number and “Request for immediate refund” or something similar.
  • This is intended as a basic template. You may wish to add more detail or remove the sections that aren’t relevant.
  • We can't advise on each individual situation but we will share some advice on possible next steps to take if no response is forthcoming (if you’re inclined to proceed with further action, of course).
  • This template is not legal advice on your specific claim.

Download letter and send as attachment: click here to download.

Or copy the below and paste into the body of an email:


Dear Sir/Madam

PCR tests – letter seeking immediate refund [Order ref: XXXX]

This letter is to seek an immediate refund of £[XXXX] for the PCR tests ordered from your company on [Date].

In order to meet the Government’s strict rules around international travel, [I / my family] were required to take a PCR test [before departure from the UK / on Day 2 and 8 after arrival back in the UK]. 

Your company promised on its [website / leaflet / other] that [tests would be delivered within [  ] days of ordering] OR [test results would be made available within [  ] hours]. On that basis, I ordered [X] tests at a cost of £[ ] each. For them to be fit-for-purpose, it was expected that the [tests would be delivered by [date]] OR [the results would be received within [XXX days/hours]]. My order reference is [         ], and the email confirmation [setting out the delivery date] is enclosed herewith.

The promised delivery time was a key reason why the tests were ordered from your company. However, your company failed to provide the [PCR tests / results] within this timeframe. 

[Insert any other relevant details eg if had any material impact on your travel plans, order additional tests etc]

It is clear that I have a contract with you as the seller of the PCR tests, and it is your responsibility to ensure the [tests / results] are provided within the specified time. Failure to provide the [tests / results] within this time amounts to a breach of contract. In this particular context, and given the circumstances under which your products were being marketed and sold, time was clearly of the essence. 

I am therefore seeking a full refund of the purchase price, plus the delivery and processing costs paid by me [a total of £ [XXXX]]. 

If I do not receive the amount within 14 days or confirmation from you that the refund is being processed, I intend to commence proceedings against your company in the County Court for the total amount, along with the legal expenses of doing so and any consequential losses, without further reference to you. 

Let me be perfectly clear, this letter is not an invitation to insert me into your complaints procedure: if I do not receive the amount within 14 days or confirmation from you that the refund is being processed, I will commence proceedings against your company. 

Please send all correspondence in relation to this refund request to [insert your email address(es)].

Yours faithfully

[   NAME   ]