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Stop making a mockery of democracy

To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson, UK Parliament

What: Remove the Conservative Party donor Peter Cruddas’s peerage

Why is this important:

Peter Cruddas is a businessman and long-time Conservative Party donor. He was the man at the centre of the cash for access scandal in 2012, where he reportedly promised secret meetings with top Conservative politicians in exchange for donations to the Tories. He resigned as Conservative Party Treasurer when the scandal came to light. 

Yet despite the independent watchdog advising against it, Prime Minister Boris Johnson made Peter Cruddas a Lord. Just days later, Peter Cruddas donated half a million pounds to the Conservative Party. He threw his money around and now gets to shape laws that affect all of our lives.

Handing out peerages to disgraced Party donors who couldn’t even pass the vetting process makes a mockery of our democracy. We can’t allow it to continue. 

Will you sign the petition and demand Peter Cruddas be stripped of his peerage? 


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Will you sign?

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