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PPE scandal: Clean up your act

To: Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matthew Hancock

The PPE scandal has exposed cronyism and incompetence at the heart of Government.

Millions of pounds of taxpayers have been wasted on duff products that can’t be used by the NHS. A secret “VIP” lane was set up to hand out huge contracts, populated by companies with connections to Government. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been found to have acted unlawfully by failing to publish COVID-19 contracts in time.

The Government must clean up its act. To restore public trust and ensure value for money for the British taxpayer, we are calling on Government to commit to the following:

  1. Come clean about the VIP lane. Publish the names of all the companies who went through the VIP lane and the prices they were paid.

  2. Recover taxpayers money from all the companies who failed to meet their contractual obligations.

  3. Commit to a judge-led public inquiry into the handling of PPE procurement during the pandemic.

  4. Publish PPE contracts with pricing details visible to enable proper scrutiny.


If you think it’s high time that Government cleaned up its act on PPE procurement, please sign the petition now.


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