Help us hold Rishi Sunak to account

Help us hold Rishi Sunak to account

Earlier today, Rishi Sunak became the third Prime Minister in two months, put in power by a very small number of MPs, with the public given no say about who leads our country. We heard pundits describing Rishi Sunak as an “unknown quantity”, but to Good Law Project and our community, he is known all too well. 

You’ll remember a few months ago Rishi Sunak launched a furious, misguided attack on us and our founder Jolyon Maugham KC for simply doing our job: using the law to hold Government to account.  

He may be trying to use his new position to draw a line under the past but we won’t forget that Rishi Sunak was also fined by the Met police after our legal action helped force them to launch an investigation into partygate. We believe it’s a bare minimum for the Prime Minister to respect the law.

If you can, please support us to hold Rishi Sunak’s Government to account.

Earlier today, Sunak told the public that he intends to deliver the Conservative Manifesto, yet just last week he voted in Parliament against a ban on fracking. He was either lying to the public today or he was dishonest last week. We will be exposing him and his Government when they are disingenuous and we will play a proactive role in ensuring that his Government acts in a lawful way, and taking action when they don’t. 

We couldn't do it without your support. 

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