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Stop forcing Covid-vulnerable children to go into school

To: Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council 

Covid-vulnerable children are allowed to stay at home to learn. Stop trying to force them into school.

Last month, the Secretary of State for Education sent a letter to schools and local authorities confirming that they can allow Covid-related absences for children who are particularly vulnerable because of a health condition, or who live with a vulnerable family member. 

But Solihull Council seems to be ignoring this and taking a hard-line approach. It’s forcing all children in the borough to attend school in person, without proper safety measures in place for families who are at greater risk of Covid.

Families are terrified. We’ve been contacted by one local mum with a serious health condition and whose child has a rare form of epilepsy triggered by illness. Despite the clear risk to her family’s health, the council is demanding that her children return to school. She has been told she will face fines - or potentially even prosecution - if they don’t.

We think this is not only wrong, but unlawful. 

Will you add your name and tell Solihull Council to protect vulnerable children?


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