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Women in Northern Ireland need action on abortion rights now

To: the UK Government

The US Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate the constitutional right to an abortion for women across the United States has been met with widespread condemnation here in the UK. 

But proper access to abortion services is still being denied to women, girls and pregnant people in Northern Ireland. Despite Parliament voting for decriminalisation in 2019, in reality, abortions are not available and many are still forced to travel to England for abortions or take unregulated abortion pills.

The time for direct action by the UK Government has long since passed. 

We need the UK Government to signal to all of the women of the United Kingdom that it cares about their right to safe and legal abortions. 

Add your name to ask the UK Government to commit to a deadline of 1 September 2022 to directly commission abortion services in Northern Ireland.


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